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Quran lovers…

By March 15, 2017Blog, Didik Anak, QURAN

I first time discovered Science in Quran through them.. Honestly, deep from my heart.. Quranic Homeschooling is tremendously exciting and never ending explorations. My Guru-s are these small little kids.. Through their unexpected questions, I became speechless. Most of the time I didn’t know the answers. By time, i gotta search, research, study and learn.. Through them.. My personal and business problems are solved.
It is amazing how Allah designs our life journey.. Assigning us with many puzzles… And those puzzles when combined together through these little angels, they form such beautiful frame of solutions.
MasyaAllah.. Allahuakbar.. Lahaulawalaquwwataillabillah… I am indeed Melting with Allah’s divine power!



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