Entrepreneurs, mesti faham apa yg saya rasa… Kan?

Sebelum tersenyum.. Saya menangis dalam hati..
Sungguh laju Cash outflow. Utk audit, company’s tax, personal tax, company secretary Dan Mcm2 expenses lain.. Walaupun As expected, as budgeted.. Tetap rasa macam air hujan mengalir duit ni…
Ohh hanya 2 minit saja perasaan nak menangis tu…
Cepat2 ambil alquran… Gotta control my emotions… Coz it affects my frequency.. attracts what I don’t want.. I don’t want to attract more outflows..and negativity..
So whatttttt with cash outflow? Allah can give the cash inflow multiple fold! Lebih lebat.. ALLAH YANG MAHA UNLIMITED…
Alhamdulillah… Feel so much convinced….
Feel So much pampered…. Alhamdulillah… That’s why I just can’t live without Kalam Allah…
For going-to-be-big company, it is very normal for the founder to Pakai Banyak topi… From kuli until CEO. Walaupun I am chartered accountant, I strongly believe it is tooo tedious for an entrepreneur to handle accounting… So much blessed Ada akauntan yang tersangat bagus that could help me… Reviewing is much easier… Alhamdulillah





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